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Anitas Animals in San Juan Cosala MXAnita's Animals is a small cat and dog sanctuary located on a hill above Lake Chapala in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Anita's is open from Friday through Wednesday 9 AM - 2 PM and 4 PM - 6 PM and closed from 2PM – 4 PM. (Closed all day Thursday)

It is strongly suggested that you not just show up and bring an animal. You need to contact Anita by e-mail or phone and discuss your situation prior to arriving. Do not just arrive with your cat / dog and assume that there is room to accept them. Anita has limited space available to accept new cats / dogs.

Anita does not accept any Pitt Bull or Pitt Bull type puppies or dogs.

Anita will not accept any dog that shows agression towards other animals or people.

Anita's can only take care of a limited amount of large male puppies or adult large breed male dogs at the same time. There may be a time that you want to bring a large dog and she cannot accept it for this reason.

You need to talk with her to make sure that she is there to accept an animal and, also has available room and can accept the animal. She sometimes is unable to accept an animal due to lack of accommodations or other special circumstances. It is wise to make an appointment [day and time] to make sure that Anita will be there when you arrive.

Foster Kittens and puppy Anita's AnimalsIf  the animal is  sick or injured it is best that the animal be brought first to a Vet who can provide appropriate care to the animal. After the animal has recovered and has been released from Vet care to you, contact Anita to check to see if she has room to accept it, before you bring it.

On any given day, there are 90 - 100 kittens and cats and 75 – 85 puppies and dogs in residence. This number is higher during “puppy & kitten season”.

The animal sanctuary is not a fancy place, but it is a safe haven providing love and caring for those cats and dogs that are brought to Anita. The cats and dogs live in a communal family type of housing arrangement, and not in individual cages or runs, with the exception of baby kittens, young puppies, pregnant mothers, and sick or wounded animals.

Anita's Animals is a 'No-Kill' rescue facility. On occasion an animal may be brought to the sanctuary that is not totally healthy, and that cat/dog will be then brought to a Veterinarian for proper care prior to its inclusion into the sanctuary. Anita does not pick and choose only the pretty and cute animals to rescue. She sees the animal as “equals” regardless of their external beauty or not, and provides care for all of them equally. A cat or dog that comes to Anita's Animals will be cared for until a loving 'forever home' and family is found for them.

When an animal arrives and does not have a vaccination record with it, the animal must be vaccinated before it can join the general population of cats and dogs. It is a series of two vaccinations that costs 400 pesos. Until the cat/dog has completed their vaccination series, they will remain in designated segregated areas.

The daily cost of caring for a healthy cat / dog is 32.7 pesos per day [ per animal ] .

Obviously, an injured or ill animal increases this amount of daily money for its needed care until animal it fully recovers.

The ability for Anita to be able to continue her on-going rescue work is dependent on donations. It is hoped and appreciated that when someone brings an animal for Anita to take in, they would also will make a donation to help pay for the care of that animal.


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